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Asia-Pacific Conferences Committee  

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Board of Directors  

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CEEM (Central Eastern European Membership) Committee  

The mission of the Central Eastern European Membership's Committee is to develop and foster a dialogue and encourage members of the Central Eastern European region to interact as a member with other ITechLaw Committees, as well as the broader legal community on matters of common interest, including the identification of IT significant developments in the region and reporting them to the different and corresponding Substantive Law Committees.

To that end, the Central Eastern European Membership Committee will be responsible for organizing and promoting regional networking events.

In addition, the Central Eastern European Membership will also assist in the recruitment of new members to the ITechLaw Association, specifically from lawyers and professionals in the Central Eastern European region, in close contact with the Membership Committee and the different Local Representatives in the region.

Vice-Chair: Andra Musatescu
Co-Chair: Maciej Gawronski
Co-Chair: Raminta Stravinskaite

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Committee Leaders  

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Communications & Outreach Committee  

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Cyber Crime Committee  

This recently formed Substantive Law Committee focused on Cyber Crime, finds its rationale from the great interest (and concern) this issue generates both in the US and throughout the world. The US National Security Agency has reported that there has been a seventeen-fold increase in computer attacks on American infrastructure between 2009 and 2013, with many of those attacks being initiated by criminal gangs, hackers, and other nations. Pending legislation which can assist Government in the detection, prevention, and prosecution of cyber crimes, we hope this Committee will be able to at least provide perspective to the US and other Governments on the global impact of a hot issue, which affects not only individuals, corporations and Governments, but on the legal community as a whole.

The Committee will study and play a thought leadership role on cybercrime, not only as it relates to attacks on critical infrastructure, but also the use of social media and technology as key components of criminal prosecutions and sometimes serving as the instrumentality used to commit the offense itself. We have forensic experts on the Committee, as well as leading Criminal lawyers. Other topics that are proposed to be considered include the application of traditional discovery and evidentiary rules (e.g. authentication, relevance, and admissibility) to electronically-generated and stored information.

We hope the Cyber Crime Committee will become a trusted and authoritative resource on cybercrime issues for the legal and legislative communities. We also hope that we will play a role, globally, in the legislative efforts to address crimes involving the use of technology and/or the admissibility of electronic evidence.

This Committee will also foster a dialogue with other ITechLaw Committees, as well as the broader legal community, on matters of common interest.

Co-Chair: Meg Strickler
Co-Chair: Peter Bräutigam
Vice-Chair: Guiseppe Vaciago
Vice-Chair: Maria Baranchikova

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Data Protection Committee  

The ITechLaw Data Protection Law Committee focuses on global technology law issues surrounding data protection and privacy, and monitors international legal developments and legislation.

Co-Chair: Joanne Vangadesan
Co-Chair: Paulo Brancher
Vice-Chair: Genevieve Gill
Vice-Chair: Roland Mathys

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Dispute Resolution Committee  

The Dispute Resolution Committee provides the Association and its members with a forum in which to collect, discuss, and disseminate current information on the law and practice of arbitration and mediation, and to provide a knowledge platform on these issues that can be used in the programming, policy and publication work of the Association.

Co-Chair: Ann Gordon
Co-Chair: Thomas Thalhofer
Vice-Chair: David McIlwaine
Vice-Chair: Eduarda Moraes Chacon Rosas

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E-Commerce Committee  

The objective of the ITechLaw e-Commerce Law Committee is to establish a network of lawyers from ITechLaw Member countries who have a keen interest in e-commerce and are prepared to participate in the proceedings of the Committee and to make contributions on e-commerce legal issues.

Co-Chair: Bart Sujecki
Co-Chair: Vishal Gandhi
Vice-Chair: Marco Bellezza
Vice-Chair: Timothy Siaw

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Executive Committee  

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In-House Counsel Committee  

The Committee is comprised of ITechLaw members interested in the unique topics, trends and issues of concern to corporate and in-house counsel. The Committee identifies themes of interest to in house counsel and to understand how best they can benefit from ITechLaw.

Co-Chair: Clive Davies
Co-Chair: Eugene Weitz
Vice-Chair: Christian Ringeling
Vice-Chair: Paul Lanois

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Intellectual Property Committee  

As developed and developing economies become ever more reliant on the creation and use of technology, increasingly complex and controversial cross border intellectual property issues arise which demand resolution. The ITechLaw Intellectual Property Law Committee encourages members to identify these issues, debate them and attempt to find ways to resolve them. The Committee comprises a global network of Technology Lawyers with an interest in the protection and exploitation of innovation.

Co-Chair: Dilek Ustun Ekdial
Co-Chair: Steven Weyer
Vice-Chair: Michael McDonald
Vice-Chair: Alistair McKinnon

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Interactive Entertainment and Media Committee  

As the use of virtual worlds, social gaming and virtual currencies continue to grow, so too do the legal issues associated with them. The Interactive Entertainment and Media Committee addresses various legal issues relating to virtual worlds, online gaming, and social media, with a view to engaging in innovative studies that lead to conference programming, Association publications and policy proposals. (Formerly the Social Media and Online Gaming Committee).

Co-Chair: Daniel Pitanga Bastos de Souza
Co-Chair: Dirk Spacek
Vice-Chair: Michael Schmittmann
Vice-Chair: Elisabeth Symons

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I-WIN (Women’s International Network) Committee  

The I-WIN Committee supports the unique interests and needs of women, providing ample networking and career-boosting educational opportunities including a dedicated online community and regularly held meetings. The I-WIN Committee has successfully endeavored to increase the representation of women members in ITechLaw, and continues to actively recruiting new members from both ITechLaw’s existing membership and the legal community at large.

Co-Chair:Nancy Cleman
Vice-Chair: Anne Sutton

Vice-Chair:Carmen De la Cruz

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I-WIN Committee  

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Local Representative Committee  

The Local Representatives Committee is to increase and maintain ITechLaw membership in their territory. The duties of the LR Committee Chair and Vice-Chair are to liaise with the Membership Committee on a regular basis and coordinate implementation of Membership Committee policy and directives at the LR Committee level. The duties of the Local Representatives are to recruit new members, assist with the retention of existing members, and heighten the visibility and reputation of ITechLaw among the local bar by engaging in activities appropriate for the LR’s jurisdiction, as approved by the LR Committee Chair and Vice-Chair.

Co-Chair: Robert Milligan
Vice-Chair: Serge Gijrath
Co-Chair: Gilles Rouvier

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Technology Sourcing Committee  

The ITechLaw technology sourcing law committee is dedicated to providing network opportunities for lawyers dealing with out- and insourcing, IT projects, service contracts and cloud agreements and to developing, sharing and promoting cutting edge knowledge on sourcing contracts and best practices. For this purpose, we do on a regular basis initiate and share surveys and hold workshops at the ITechLaw conferences.

Co-Chair: Axel Anderl
Co-Chair: Sam De Silva
Vice-Chair: Dalvin Chien
Vice-Chair: Ridwaan Boda

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Young Lawyers’ Committee  

The mission of the Young Lawyers' Committee is to assist young lawyers growing into the technology law practice by engaging them in the work of the Substantive Law Committees, while also providing global networking, leadership and educational opportunities designed to build and enhance the fundamentals of their legal practice. In addition, the Young Lawyers Committee also assists in the recruitment of new members to the ITechLaw Association, specifically from law students and young lawyers. The Young Lawyers' Committee is open to members in the early years of their practice of law.

Co-Chair: Philipp Schroeder

Co-Chair: Ariane Strombom

Vice Chair: Raphaël Dana

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