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The Electronic Commerce Law is approved in El Salvador

By Adán Araujo posted 05 Nov, 2019 11:25


On October 31st, 2019 the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly approved the Electronic Commerce Law, which establishes the legal framework of electronic commercial relations and the validity of contracts electronically executed.

The approval of this law implies that in El Salvador, as of the date in which is coming into force: (i) Any person, established in El Salvador, that performs by itself or through intermediaries, commercial transactions through the use of any kind of technology or through interconnected communication networks, must comply with all the obligations imposed by that law; (ii) Contracts electronically executed will produce all the effects provided by law for traditional contracts, when the consent has been given and all the other legal requirements necessary for its validity have been complied; and (iii) Invoice electronically issued, will have the same accounting and tax validity as the conventional invoice, provided that they comply with the applicable legislation 

An innovation that this law is introducing to the Salvadoran legal system the specific requirements that the suppliers of goods and services must fulfill in order to conduct unsolicited electronic commercial or promotional communications. 

The law has not yet been sanctioned by the Salvadoran President, so it may be modified in the forthcoming days, however its current version can be consulted through the following link: (Only available in Spanish).